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Research Groups

The Laboratory of Physical Biology is composed of four core groups as well as several satellite groups.

Group of Single-molecule Detection and Manipulation (PI: Jun Hu; Co-PI: Yi Zhang)

Group of Nanoscale Biosensors (PI: Chunhai Fan; Co-PI: Lihua Wang)

Group of Nanomedicine (PI: Qing Huang; Co-PI: Nan Chen)

Theoretical and Computational Group on Nanoscale and Biological Systems (PI: Haiping Fang; Co-PI: Rongzhen Wan)

Group of Structural Biology (PI: Jianhua He)

Group of Synchrotron-based X-ray Microscope imaging (PI: Renzhong Tai)

Group of Super-resolution Bioimaging (Co-PI: Suhui Deng)

Group of Theoretical Study-directed Design of Molecular Machines (PI: Di Li; Co-PI: Bo Song)

Group of Biochips (PI: Shiping Song)

Research Activities

Single-Molecule Manipulation

Molecular Surgery

Bio-inspired Water Channels

Nanoscale Effects of Carbon Nanomaterials


Electrochemical DNA Sensors


Aptamer-based Assays

DNA nanotechnology and DNA Computation

Quantum Dots: Bioeffects and Applications


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