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                                                       Dr. Shiping Song,  Professor

Research areas:

  •  Microfluidic protein chips

  •  Immunosensors

  •   Nanobio probes

            Tel: (021)39194607



        He completed his PhD in chemistry at Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics in 2004. His research interests include the development of biosensors and biochips based on microtechnology such as microarrays and microfluidics, and nanotechnology such as nanobio hybrid systems (mainly nanobio probes). He also interested in the applications of micro- and nano-based biosensors and biochips in life science such as genomics, proteomics and molecular disgnostics.

Selected publications

1.      Li J., Song S., Liu X., Wang L., Pan D., Huang, Q., Zhao, Y., and Fan, C. (2008) Enzyme-based multi-component optical nanoprobes for sequence-specific detection of DNA hybridization, Adv. Mater., 20, 497- 500 (Inside cover)

2.      He S., Li D., Zhu C., Song S., Wang L., Long Y. and Fan C. (2008). "Design of a gold nanoprobe for rapid and portable mercury detection with the naked eye." Chem. Commun., 40, 4885-4887.(Cover)

3.   Song S, Wang L, Li J, Zhao J and Fan C. (2008) Aptamer-based biosensors. TrAC-Trend Anal. Chem. 27, 108.

4.   Song S, Li B, Wang L, Wu H, Hu J, Li M, Fan C. (2007) A cancer protein microarray platform using antibody fragments and its clinical applications. Mol. BioSyst. 3, 151-8.

5.   Yan J, Hu M, Li D, He Y, Zhao R, Jiang X, Song S, Wang L and Fan C.(2009) "A Nano- and Micro- Integrated Protein Chip Based on Quantum Dot Probes and a Microfl uidic Network." Nano. Res. 1, 490-6.



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